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       Welcome to Travel Off Grid. This is a site about traveling on a budget. We will be adding tips and links to sites that have helped us in our extended road trip. We started this lifestyle in an old 1979 Dodge 17' motorhome. After a few months of traveling we decided we liked it and upgraded to 26' with a slide which provided plenty of room for the two of us. In the last 8 months we have been to 21 states from Washington to North Carolina on the east coast and down to the tip of Florida. We have been staying at a lot of casinos on our trip, most offer free dry camping in their parking lots, some have RV dumpsites and when you sign up for their rewards card you get discounts on their buffets and most give you some free slot play and match play on the game tables. We have collected over 90 casino cards. Some have RV parks attached with full hook-ups, some with swimming pools. We have found some that had big name bands playing in their concert rooms. A helpful site has been   There you will find RV friendly casinos listed by state. Most have a stay limit, some you have to register with security.  We were lucky to  wake up at a casino in Albuquerque NM to find 500 hot air balloons overhead for the hot air balloon festival. Free show, free camping, $3.99 steak and eggs. It don't get any better than that.  About every 3 to 4 days we like to check in to an RV park for full hook ups, laundry, free wi-fi, swimming pool and spa. Once in awhile we get a weekly rate if we have to wait for mail. We usually have our mail forwarded to General Delivery in a town we are going to be in for a few days. Gives us a chance to restock our groceries and supplies. Another thing we found is that Walmart stores allow overnight camping in most of their store parking lots. Its a good idea to call ahead as some city ordinances don't allow it. It has saved us a lot of money. In most places they want you to park away from the high traffic areas, out of the way of their delivery trucks. You will almost always find an assortment of RV's in the lot when you arrive. Another good source of free camping is BLM land. Quartzite Az. is a very popular free camping area. Every winter there are thousands of RV's camped in the desert around the town. There are hundreds of small tent shops set up down town, miles of swap meets and RV shows that take up acres. Gem shows, antique sales, Guns, old farm machinery, almost anything you might be looking for. Lots of food venders, trinkets and drinks. Another free camping place is Slab City Ca. In the summer there are about 20 RV's in the winter it grows to over 5000. It was an old military base that they removed all the buildings and left the slabs so lots of campers have a free cement patio. You have to go into a town a couple miles for water and RV dump and there is a Post Office there. When we stopped there most of the campers had moved on as it was getting very hot so we only stayed one night. We are striving to stay in weather areas in the 70 to 80's. So far we have done very well and have been really lucky at staying in warm areas. We try and stay in the northern states in the summer and down south for the winter months. We try and stay in t-shirt weather. We found that checking weather ahead of us has really helped. We use  to to check the weather in any town in the US. We have back tracked to stay in good weather. We have no schedule and we're stickin' to it.  If you are looking for neat rescue dog t-shirts and bumper stickers  Cafe Press  Patty  designed an assortment of T-shirts, sweat shirts, coffee mugs and wall hangings.

          I have always liked solar power so we tried it out in our 5th wheel in Washington state. I built a solar water heater that preheated the water going into the electric hot water tank.
It heats to 130 degrees in the summer and around 110 in the winter. It is made of recycled materials and cost very little to build. We used it for a couple years and gave it to a friend when we left to become fulltimers.                           You are welcome to check it out at

        While we travel my wife has been doing ebay sales to research for her book. We stop at thrift stores where she buys stuff, lists it, and sells it.  She just published her book that tells how it can be done easily by benefiting from our mistakes. What you need for setting up a business while traveling in your RV. You can get the book at   or you can go to her website at  for more information.


JC Whitney - Everything Automotive  

This is a good site to find parts for your RV or tow car. They have a good selection of 12 volt products that can be used to modify your RV. A good selection of 12 volt to 120 volt inverters.

     We signed up for the Good Sam Club and have had good experiences with them in our travels when we need a nice RV park to hang out in for a few days, they also have a good roadside assistance program if you don't like changing your own RV tires. Check them out.
Join the Good Sam Club!
    I wrote a small book on how to build the solar oven I made while on the road. We have not used our propane oven since I built it so no overheating the motorhome. You can preview it by clicking on the Book Picture below and not on the blue blurb..    
        We are in Washington State after 9 months on the road. We made it to 21 states so far, after 13000 miles we are not ready to sit still for too long. We will check out the Washington Coast, then ??? I  have been posting pictures of our travels on a blog for the last few months. You are welcome to check them out.   I will add pictures of Washington as I take them. Just click on older posts on bottom of page and it will take you on our trip backwards. About 10 pages, if you know any links that are helpfull to travelers you can email me at   I will also be adding a Solar section to this site later.   

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